Feeling lethargic, jet lagged or had a Heavy weekend? Well we have just the cleanse to rest you for the week ahead. Our powerful cleanse incorporates some of the finest organic fruit and vegetables to detoxify your mind & body. Added mullein leaf extract adds further to this amazing cleanse to remove mucus from the body. Whilst the extraordinary health benefits speak for themselves you can also expect to lose between 5-12lbs in just days. Journey Juice cleanse is a superior detox package:


  • 10 x Organic Journey Juice (5 per day)
  • Mullein Leaf Tea - Clear mucus from the lungs, body, fights infections & inflammation. Clearing mucus from the body is the ultimate detox.
  • Bentonite Clay & Psyllium Husk - Properly clear & detoxify the colon
  • Bath Salts - Detoxify the body and skin
  • Journey Juice Journal - Document your journey progress and daily gratitude.

2Day is the Day to Detox

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