Healing Powers Of Juice Fasting

Are you searching for a natural, effective way to rejuvenate and detoxify your body and improve your health? A juice fast may be the perfect solution!

Don’t be afraid of the word “fast” in juice fast, this approach does not include starvation. On the contrary, fasting is a healthy program that quickly improves your body's ability to heal, repair, and rejuvenate itself. The key to maximum benefits from juice fasting lies in the quality of your juices, how to fast properly, and how to smoothly reintroduce foods after your juice fast.

A juice fast can nourish and repair your body, detoxify your tissues and organs from harmful chemicals and rebuild and boost your immune system. The juice of raw vegetables and fruits contain abundant vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes to help restore your body's damaged cells and detoxify (flush and remove) chemicals.

How Does A Juice Fast Work?

A juice fast or “cleanse” entails drinking juices made from vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Yes, you can juice these ingredients yourself in your own kitchen, but you’ll need to purchase and store some pretty pricey equipment and hours of preparation time. To avoid this hassle, many busy health conscious “fasters” choose natural, high quality pre-made bottled juice products.

The process begins when you replace solid food (including sugars and junk foods) with juices. Your body will then use the energy once used for digestion to detoxify and “cleanse” your body, allowing it to focus more on healing, renewal and rebuilding. Immediate benefits include:

* Your tissues, organs and skin will be cleansed. Juice fasting is a holistic experience and your body will be transformed in a variety of ways. Your blood and lymph will be cleansed and toxins will be released from the different organs of your body including your kidneys, colon, bladder, sinuses, lungs and skin.

* You will lose weight and body fat. By about the third day of your juice fast your body will have used up stored glycogen and will begin to burn stored fat as its energy source. Not only will you lose weight, but many harmful toxins are stored in fatty tissues and as your body burns and expels this stored fat, it carries these stored toxins away.

* Cell rejuvenation and skin repair. During your juice fast, your body will absorb essential nutrients more quickly and easily which will result in more rapid new cell growth. The powerful antioxidants found in the fruit and vegetable juices will promote new cell growth while helping to replace damaged cells and preventing future cell damage, wrinkles and premature ageing.

Cautions: It is important to note that juice fasting is a powerful cleansing process. If you have specific pre existing medical conditions or if you have questions or concerns, you should consult your physician before you begin a juice fast. Pregnant or lactating women should not fast.

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