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“If you don’t look after your house you’ll have no where to live” So here at Journey Juice we have created bespoke organic fuel to help support and nourish your mind body and soul in preparation for this Marathon of a journey we call life.

The Journey Juice Cleanse


Here at Journey Juice, we take a wholesome, whole-body approach to your Juice Journey detoxification. Nourishing the body with superior quality antioxidant-rich liquid nutrition is only part of the process and only if your body is able to reap the benefits. Hardened plaque isn’t just something we worry about on our teeth & gums, naturally occurring mucus can also turn into our worst enemy! This type of mucus is caused by the usual culprits acidic, heavily processed, fried foods, alcohol etc which then solidify on the intestinal walls in a bid to protect it from to above named toxins passing through the body, but this build up increases over time restricting the flow of organic matter passing through the bowel much in the same way plaque build-up restricts our heart arteries. This hardened lining then attracts parasites who burrow tiny holes and make a home between our intestinal wall and plaque build up making them harder to be eliminated from the colon/bowel which means and this is the most important part….. WE ARE NOT GETTING THE VITAL NUTRIENTS OUR BODIES NEED FROM THE FOOD WE EAT due to the level of mucoid plaque!! We do get some nutrients via the tiny holes the parasites in our colon have made in the mucoid lining. So you see this is why we place such emphasis on a wholesome whole body cleanse. Removal of this waste matter is paramount to healthy colon function and to optimum physical health. Two of the best products for cleaning out the colon are psyllium and bentonite clay. A mixture of both of these relatively inert substances has long been used to cleanse the digestive system, reduce or eliminate food allergies, eliminate constipation, and successfully combat candida infections. Utilizing psyllium with bentonite clay can eliminate most of the uncomfortable side effects that some people experience when using bentonite alone, and provides a gentle means of cleansing the colon.

How it works: 

This all-natural fibre supplement when mixed with water swells up, creates slipperiness then acts as a lubricant "pushes" the matter along. Combined the 2 products work in alignment together! The Bentonite Clay absorbs toxins and the Psyllium husks scrub out the corners of your intestines. We use the highest quality hydrated bentonite clay & organic psyllium husks

Journey Juice, we believe in the power of plants to aid us in helping you to live an abundant full life our juices are made from the finest sourced organic fruit & vegetables. 

If you’re looking for a way to thoroughly detox your body, get your body ready for healthy eating, a Journey Juice cleanse is a great start.

Detoxing for a minimum of 3 days allows the body the chance to eliminate the by-products of processed & unhealthy foods.

During the cleanse, your body will get an amazing energetic boost as.  

Get Off Junk Food!

If you’re used to eating junk food all of the time and make unhealthy diet choices, you are likely to really feel the benefits of a juice cleanse. The 3-day short-term change that comes with a juice cleanse requires little commitment so it can be easier to stick to for those who are currently unhealthy. The benefits that you will feel in your body over this very short amount of time will probably be enough to encourage you to want to stick to eating healthy.

Boost Immunity, Nutrition and Energy!

As you know fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are great for helping your body to absorb more nutrients and vitamins so if you’re currently lacking antioxidants in your diet, again, you’re likely to feel the benefit of the juice cleanse fast and feel so much better after just 3 days, you’ll want to stick to the healthy lifestyle routine to keep that newfound energy.


If you do a longer juice cleanse, you will find that your skin will start to look better. The extra water content and the vitamins in the juice will very quickly give your skin more hydration and elasticity. 

If you suffer from headaches regularly, you should also notice those symptoms will start to subside too as your brain will have more hydration. Although the first day or two may be difficult as you continue to crave for the junk food that you would normally eat, it is important to try to persevere with it. Eventually, you will stop craving the unhealthy choices and your body will love the healthier options.

If you have more energy, you’re more hydrated, and alert, which is usually the case with juice cleanses, you’re likely to start feeling happier within yourself. This benefit is one of the more surprising benefits of kick-starting your healthy lifestyle regime with a Journey Juice Juice Cleanse. Your overall emotional health will start to improve, and this will continue throughout your healthy lifestyle too. You’ll feel and start to look better too, and this will be a big emotional and confidence boost.

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