Journey Juice is not just an organic fruit juice company, although we are a really good one. And even though we make the perfect juices, our business was really born from a simple mission statement, to help people live well.


Living day to day, we saw people consuming juices that were extracted months ago and added chemicals and preservatives to. A bunch of us came together to ask ourselves if there was a better way. Not long thereafter, Journey Juice came into being.


We are all about taste and nutritional value. In some, or perhaps most, respects, we are peachy. Pun intended. Nevertheless, we are driven with a passion to bring organic, cold-pressed juices to the masses. And our steady growth as a business is a testament to that.


When those essential minerals, nutrients and antioxidants enter your body, you instantly know that that was what nature had meant for you to consume. Your intestines, gums, colon and digestive systems maintain a highly functional state.


As a result, you feel more upbeat and motivated to be the best version of yourself. As you go about your life’s journey and live your best years, we would like to think that we are going along with you.


Go ahead and taste our flavour-rich, all-natural healthy juices. You won’t want to try anything else.




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